Contegix Welcomes Jon Pugh as Director of Product, Open Source for BlackMesh Drupal Offerings

By Elizabeth Clor
Jon Pugh

Contegix is excited to welcome Jon Pugh, Drupal expert, evangelist and creator of DevShop to the team. John recently joined the company as Director of Product, Open Source. In this role, Jon is responsible for guiding the company’s Drupal strategy to build products to ensure a seamless developer experience.

Jon has been building for the web since 1997 and developing with and contributing to Drupal since 2005. Prior to joining Contegix, he founded the consulting company ThinkDrop in 2009 with a focus on Drupal, test-driven-development, platform building and open source tools.

He created the open source Drupal DevOps platform OpenDevShop in 2012 to make Drupal servers more developer friendly and automated. Along the way, he was invited onto the Aegir Project contributor team, where he implemented Git, automated testing, Ansible and Docker integration into the 12 year old Drupal hosting system. In 2018, he launched the DevShop.Support product to specifically support “Host-Your-Own" customers. Having everything about Drupal from the open web, Jon has committed himself to giving back by building open source tools that help the community develop, test, and host their own Drupal sites with as little effort as possible.

Contegix is committed to supporting the Drupal and Open Source DevOps communities, and is demonstrating that commitment by investing in the OpenDevShop platform. Contegix will continue to offer its BlackMesh Drupal support services to organizations with highly complex and secure deployments.

“One of the many reasons I joined Contegix was their clear intent to support the Open Source DevOps community,” said Jon. “That commitment is crucial for the DevShop ecosystem to thrive. Open Source is a requirement if you want to host on your own servers or use it locally. DevShop is the perfect platform for executing the Contegix mission: to create the ultimate developer experience no matter where the sites are hosted.”

“We’re committed to supporting the Drupal community and open source tools for the entire stack,” said Brad Hokamp, President and CEO of Contegix. “With Jon’s leadership, we are confident that we can work more effectively with our customers, institutions, and digital agencies alike on highly flexible, scalable Drupal projects.”

Contegix is a long-time sponsor of and DrupalCon with recent donations to the DrupalCares fund. Over the last 13 years, beginning as BlackMesh, the company has supported the Drupal Association and its surrounding open source community.