Cloud Services

Contegix provides a variety of managed cloud solutions from our Tier III data center to support SaaS, IaaS, and multi-cloud environments.

Our comprehensive solutions provide routine cloud monitoring and management around the clock, freeing up your IT staff to focus on higher-value projects.  Working with us means you have a full team of highly skilled resources and sophisticated tools to help you manage risks, reduce costs, and make your business more efficient and productive.

Cloud Models


Private Cloud

Customers deploy and manage workloads on cloud infrastructure in Contegix’s Wyomissing Data Center behind a firewall accessible over encrypted connections through their intranet.


Shared Cloud

An affordable cloud option providing an isolated space within a shared infrastructure space. Your business and data are protected with strict access privileges.


Hybrid Cloud

Provides the option of running public-facing applications and capacity intensive platforms in the Shared Cloud while sensitive data remains protected in on-site and Private Cloud infrastructure.

Personal Touch

We build close relationships with our customers, taking the time to get to know your team and understand your business.  As a seamless extension of your IT team, you will get the highest level of service, exceptional talent, and custom solutions that meet your needs.

Managed Service Options

Managed Network Infrastructure

Securely managed, remote administration of complex networks by highly trained, certified personnel from local switch/router configurations to complex firewall and SD-WAN solutions designed for your business needs.

Server Administration

Highly available, virtual server administration for onsite, hybrid, and public/private cloud applications, fine-tuned to provide highest levels of user satisfaction and productivity.

Technical Operations Center

Round-the-clock monitoring and administration of critical systems (network, server, and storage) in our data center, on your network, or in the cloud, providing world-class service to keep your business running continuously and efficiently.

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Get real-time protection to help prevent the growing number of ransomware attacks

Earlier this month the Colonial Pipeline, a 5,500 mile pipeline that supplies upwards of 45% of the gasoline to the east coast of the United States was breached and halted due to a ransomware attack. With no recovery mechanism in place, the company was forced to pay nearly $5 million dollars to regain control of their infrastructure. The attack is a harsh reminder for many organizations of the growing threat of cyber-attacks and ransomware. Sadly, hacker groups such as “DarkSide” are only increasing in numbers and the threat of ransomware is only growing in complexity and scale.


Measure IT Success With These KPIs

IT departments are responsible for many facets of a business that extend far beyond server rooms: from opening and closing support tickets to implementing comprehensive digital transformation initiatives. But how can businesses ensure that their IT service department’s work is aligned with larger business objectives?  “It’s important for teams to regularly measure success against a Service Level Agreement, which includes key metrics like abandonment rate, response time, and overall customer satisfaction.”


How Higher Education Can Create Cost Efficiency Through Managed Services

One year since the pandemic began, colleges and universities still face uncertainty around when students will fully return to in-person learning. In the United States, only 35 percent of students have returned to schools for in-person learning full-time. The majority of students continue to attend virtual school, or some mix of remote and in-person classes. And even as vaccine distribution ramps up and provides a glimmer of hope for a return to in-person learning, remote learning will remain a required service in the days, months and perhaps even years to come.