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Considering Atlassian Cloud? An 8-Step Decision Framework

Every cloud migration is different. This white paper gives you the framework you need to get yours right. Some topics include:


Webinar: How ITSM can improve your processes

IT Service Management (ITSM) can help streamline business relationships both internally and externally. In this webinar, learn the ins and outs of ITSM and how the right tools can connect all the points in your process. ITSM can be the deciding factor in the success of an organization, so it is critical understand how it works.

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Webinar: Moving to Atlassian Data Center or Cloud

Atlassian recently announced the end of Server license sales along with a price increase of Data Center. If you are currently on Server or Data Center, you should be aware of how this impacts your business and what your options are. During this webinar, we break down the most important points, as well as share some strategies on how to plan for the Atlassian announcements.

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Contegix Invests $2 Million in Reading, Pa. Data Center

READING, Pa., Nov. 12, 2020 -- Contegix, the leading provider of managed IT solutions and managed application solutions, today announced significant upgrades to the critical infrastructure in its Reading, Pa. data center. These upgrades provide a fully modern, state-of-the-art data center solution for enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability.

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Realizing the Total Value of Atlassian Customization

There are as many types of IT teams in the world as there are grains of sand on a beach. But whether you’re a handful of people operating out of living rooms or a large company iterating across continents and time zones, CIOs and IT team leaders hold personal responsibility for ensuring their organization’s digital operations run smoothly. Regardless of team size, success often requires continuous planning and investment to keep pace with IT demand and address specific issues as a company scales.


How Automation Can Power the Human Side of Developing for Drupal

A key source of IT value from current Drupal CMS platforms is that they’re automated enough to handle intricate workflows crucial to maintaining operations on the backend. All this so IT teams can focus on developing a truly powerful user experience on the frontend. They also feature built-in compliance with several industry standards, including FedRAMP, PCI DSS and HIPAA, that cover even the most complex code deployments, updates, migrations or user-oriented features like chat boxes. 


What is ITSM? Getting Started with IT Service Management

Create an exceptional experience for customers and your entire team by implementing a winning ITSM strategy.


Powering Higher Education's Switch to Virtual Learning and the Cloud with Managed Services

The pandemic has been the driving force for change across industries, but higher education was dealt an especially heavy blow earlier this year. When colleges and universities were called to abruptly close down campuses in the spring, they were forced to transition residential operations online virtually overnight. Come fall, most higher ed institutions were still engaged in some form of virtual learning.