Webinar: Hybrid Work Model in a Cloud First World

As COVID restrictions continue to loosen, it is time to decide how and if your team should return to the office. Our experts will share the tools and knowledge you need to keep your data secure and staff operational as you move your organization to a fully remote or hybrid workforce.

A couple key topics we cover in this video: 

  • 4:60: Options to consider when it comes to connectivity
  • 6:50: Data center tools & Security as a Service
  • 9:15: Securing the remote end user & endpoint management
  • 17.40: Create top of mind structure for security & training
  • 19:30: Extended detection and response for your environment
  • 21:15: Ability to audit and best practices
  • 23:10: Data access challenges and ways to handle them
  • 26:40 Migration of virtual workloads
  • 32:10: Factors associated with selecting the best infrastructure location
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