Your Migration to Atlassian Data Center Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

A data migration is necessary for growth and scalability, but it’s rarely a simple task. As many as 38% of data migrations fail, and up to 83% of them exceed their allotted budgets and implementation schedules. But, when executed with the right team and partner, you can successfully carry out a smooth migration that pays dividends for your organization. 


Jira Data Center: Everything You Need to Know

Definition: What Is Jira? Jira is a highly rated agile workflow planning tool offered by Atlassian. It was originally designed for software development teams to plan, track, and release new products. Eventually, non-software teams, such as business and operations, found the tool to be effective for tracking and communicating project workflow and status, and adopted the platform.


Hero’s Guide to Atlassian Management

This is a practical guide for the busy Atlassian manager.


Atlassian Migration Checklist

Since we have over 16 years of experience with Atlassian environments, we decided to share our migration process with you, in a way that is easy to follow.


Migrating from Atlassian Cloud to Server or Data Center

Consider this article, along with Atlassian’s official documentation, as a step-by-step guide for performing your migration.


Governing Jira with a Project and Workflow in Jira

How do you start a Jira without tracking the work in Jira?  Chicken before the egg, right? At Contegix Professional Services, we have solved the problem of governing Jira with Jira.  


Jira for HR Teams

In this article, we will examine a work process that is common to every team in every business and compare a typical process with how it could be accomplished using Jira.


Jira 8 - What Is It and Do You Need It?

Jira 8 is the latest major release of Jira – but what exactly does it do?