Powering Higher Education's Switch to Virtual Learning and the Cloud with Managed Services

The pandemic has been the driving force for change across industries, but higher education was dealt an especially heavy blow earlier this year. When colleges and universities were called to abruptly close down campuses in the spring, they were forced to transition residential operations online virtually overnight. Come fall, most higher ed institutions were still engaged in some form of virtual learning. 


The Data Directive: Protecting Your Website in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment

With the onset of data analytics software and technology that tracks customer behavior, organizations today have more information about their customers than ever before.


How Much Can Downtime Cost You?

Downtime can be devastating for your business. It can cost your business thousands and thousands of dollars in potential customers.


Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Cloud Strategy

You need a cloud strategy. So how do you create one?


Why C levels Should Have Knowledge in Project Management Methodology

Project Management often has tentacles into the whole organization and knows best how to implement change within an organization. 


Should I Move This to the Cloud?

How do you figure out which applications or sites should move to the cloud? This flowchart will help!


Cloud Ready Checklist

Moving an application or site to the cloud can be complex. Before you get started, use this simple checklist to stay organized and ensure you are ready to move to the cloud.


Top 5 Ways to Ensure a Successful DR Strategy in the Public Cloud

Let’s discuss the top 5 ways to ensure a successful DR Strategy in the Public Cloud.