A Strategic Approach to Streamlining Atlassian Tools

As more companies move toward a distributed workforce, establishing streamlined workflows with integrated tools can drastically improve productivity. Although the Atlassian Suite is designed to streamline management and performance of tasks, teams don’t always get the most out of the tools—possibly due to lack of bandwidth or platform expertise.

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3 Cybersecurity Measures For Healthcare Providers To Consider

The medical field has experienced a massive digitization—one accelerated by the pandemic. Now, electronic health records are the norm, clinical systems are automated and workflows are evolving. 


Ensuring HIPAA and FedRAMP Compliance During a Public Health Crisis

The healthcare community is under immense stress right now as the COVID-19 pandemic consumes public health expertise, medical research capacity, hospital resources and equipment availability. Luckily, there are IT and tech solutions developed with compliance in mind that hospitals and government agencies can implement to help them through the crisis.

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Drupal and HIPAA: Everything You Need to Know

What Is HIPAA? Your medical information is highly personal. To protect its confidentiality, Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996, setting national standards for the exchange and security of protected health information (PHI).


The Data Directive: Protecting Your Website in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment

With the onset of data analytics software and technology that tracks customer behavior, organizations today have more information about their customers than ever before.


A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Government Cloud

In this post, I’ll explain why FedRAMP has changed the way the public and private sectors look at security.


FedRAMP Compliance from a Project Manager’s Perspective

In this post, we’ll take a look at a PM’s perspective of the FedRAMP trenches. We’ll discuss what to expect throughout the process, as well as ways to increase your chances of achieving project success.


The Differences in the “as-a-Service” Cloud Models and How They Work with FedRAMP

“IaaS,” “PaaS,” and “SaaS” are three terms anyone in the cloud computing industry should familiarize themselves with.