Measure IT Success With These KPIs

IT departments are responsible for many facets of a business that extend far beyond server rooms: from opening and closing support tickets to implementing comprehensive digital transformation initiatives. But how can businesses ensure that their IT service department’s work is aligned with larger business objectives?  “It’s important for teams to regularly measure success against a Service Level Agreement, which includes key metrics like abandonment rate, response time, and overall customer satisfaction.”


Incident Management: Building an ITIL Process

Incident management involves identifying and resolving disruptions to IT services. Discover how to create a successful incident management process.

Selecting Modules

How Around the Clock IT Powers Innovation

With remote teams working at all times, you need constant IT support to power innovation


Developing an IT Playbook for a BYOD Workforce

Guidance on employee personal device use policy


Why IT Support Teams Need To Reorient Around Accessible and Expedient Service

IT support teams need to be accessible at all times, especially with new realities in remote working


Beyond the Ticket: A Human Approach to IT Support

Don't just think about keeping systems running, consider the needs of the users when planning IT support


What is an IT Service Desk? Definition, Benefits, and Implementation

Discover what an IT service desk is, the benefits it can bring to your organization, and the most cost effective way to implement one in this guide.

FedRAMP Hosting

Managed Services and IT Support for Higher Education

Whether or not students and faculty return to campuses in the next few months, investment in digital infrastructure, remote-ready platforms or tools and online learning resources will be crucial to the successful future of higher ed.