Customer Service Week – Day 4

By Elizabeth Clor

Today is the fourth day of Customer Service Week, a nationally recognized event celebrating professionals all around the world who serve and support their customers every day. This week, we’re celebrating by highlighting some of our awesome customer service employees. Read below to learn about two of our employees who empower and support Contegix customers through every step of their journey. Be sure to check back tomorrow to meet another one of our customer service rockstars!

Meet Rachelle Hinrichs, Technical Engineer

Rachelle Hinrichs

Role at Contegix: “I work to fix technical problems for our customers hosted applications. Most of my work is Atlassian application support on Linux servers.”

Your favorite thing about being in customer support: “I really feel great when I can fix a problem. I like to help people get their applications back online and hearing their relief at being able to get back to work.”

Recent accomplishment: “I have been working to help train new colleagues as they join the team in support.”

Fun Fact: “I teach belly dance at the YMCA.”


Meet Kane Quinter, Service Delivery Leader

Kane Quinter

Role at Contegix: “Client liaison for the managed service center”

Your favorite thing about being in customer support: “I enjoy utilizing the metrics we gather to identify problem areas for clients. Then working with them to adjust procedures and policies, on our end and theirs, to give their end users the most satisfactory experience possible.”

Recent accomplishment: “On boarded a new client who was so impressed with our service, that they gave a recommendation to their parent company. Which led to the parent company signing a contract as well.”

Fun Fact: “I am a sergeant in the army reserves, and I have a pet bunny named Steve.”