Customer Service Week Is Here

By Elizabeth Clor

Today marks the first day of Customer Service Week, a nationally recognized event celebrating professionals all around the world who serve and support their clients every day. 

Here at Contegix, we understand that excellent customer service is critical to the success of any company—including our own. In fact, our commitment to providing support is written into our core business philosophy. Our 24/7 customer service center and “Go Beyond” philosophy drives us to not only meet but exceed customer expectations by supporting them through every touchpoint in their Contegix journey.

This week, we’ll be showing our appreciation for our customer service staff by highlighting some of our rockstar employees. Check back every day to learn about a new customer service pro, and what each of them are doing to provide our customers with the best possible experience. 

Customer Service Week – Day 1: Meet Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson

Role at Contegix: Third Shift Support Manager for our Atlassian, Drupal, and WordPress customers.

Your favorite thing about being in customer support: “Customer support and especially 24/7 customer support encompasses a whole set of skills, timing, coordination, and scheduling challenges that I find engaging. I like solving problems. Business problems and customer problems. I like bringing my 20+ year background in IT together with the challenges faced by our customers to arrive at solutions.”

Recent accomplishment: “At Contegix I have been promoted to the third shift manager position. On a personal level, and not quite my accomplishment but a brag on my oldest son. He has recently been accepted into TAMS, which is University of North Texas (UNT) program of Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science early college entrance residential program for gifted high school students.”

Fun Fact: “I was practicing ITIL before it was cool. I have been working with ITIL and its methodologies for almost 15 years now.”