Drupal Emergency Support: How to get your Drupal site back up

By Contegix

Note: If you are experiencing an issue right now and need emergency support, please call our support line at 877-289-0395 and press option 2. If you are not a current customer, you may still call this number. Simply tell them that you are not a current customer but need immediate help.

What do you do when your Drupal website goes down? How do you get Drupal back up as soon as possible to continue serving customers? If you are managing your own infrastructure or you’re running Drupal on the public cloud and your site goes down, BlackMesh can help restore it. Maybe your primary Drupal developer gave notice or maybe your System Administrator is on vacation.  Whatever the reason, if you need help, the BlackMesh 24/7 support team is only a call away.

As Drupal has matured as a product, so have its support use cases.  To follow are three use cases in which you may need the help of Drupal experts to ensure your site stays up, and to immediately assist if it goes down.  We are here to help you anticipate the unexpected and put together a plan.

Use Case 1: The Remote Drupal System Administrator

Have your own servers?  Need help tuning Apache, PHP, Varnish, Redis, Memcached, MySQL, MariaDB, Glusterfs or other technologies?  Need emergency patching to respond to a vulnerability?  Or maybe your Drupal site was set up by a third party and you need to tune performance – you have the infrastructure but need someone to configure Drupal.  Maybe it’s a related application sitting alongside Drupal.  Our Remote Drupal System Administrators and Drupal DevOps engineers are available 24/7 to assist.  

Use Case 2: Drupal on AWS or other Public Cloud

In this example, your Drupal site deployed to AWS or another public cloud, and it has unique requirements that go beyond server administration.  For example, autoscaling and serverless computing present new challenges that go beyond simple server administration. BlackMesh AWS and Drupal DevOps engineers can design custom solutions to these complex challenges. 

Use Case 3: Remote Drupal Managed Services

As Drupal has matured and technologies have changed, so have the myriad of technologies that are available to implement a web application using Drupal. These arguably exciting trends have also had an undeniable impact on the skillset required to manage a Drupal application. Drupal developers need additional competencies in application architecture, performance tuning, workflow automation, public cloud, Kubernetes and other emerging technologies.  However, developing the skills in-house comes with the very real risk of attrition, as developers itch to monetize their new-found skills.

In order for small to mid-sized agencies to successfully compete, they need to augment their teams with outside resources to fill the gaps. The BlackMesh support team works alongside digital agencies to ensure high performance and availability.

BlackMesh Remote WebOps

There are many reasons why you may have your own infrastructure – whether it be compliance, optics, company strategy, or otherwise.  However, this doesn’t reduce your need for monitoring and management of your web presence. Our Remote WebOps services provide a higher level of expertise and peace of mind that comes with a 24/7 team of Drupal experts proactively monitoring and ready to assist.

Finally, with our Remote WebOps services, we can also help you with IT needs that extend beyond Drupal. Whether it is additional technologies you need to have managed or you need DevOps Services, our in-house team of experts augment your internal resources to help you achieve your goals. 

Hopefully your Drupal website is not experiencing any downtime or performance issues, but when the unexpected happens you can rely on the BlackMesh team to help you every step of the way in restoring your site.