Spring Education Group

K-12 IT Operations Outsourced

Nobel Learning Communities operated a network of private schools serving pre-k through 12th grade students. With locations across the country, summer camps, and distance learning programs, Nobel schools were busy year-round and had complicated IT needs. The organization realized that their in-house IT team and infrastructure was not the best option. Capital expenditure on hardware, resource allocation, and efficiency concerns lead to the decision to outsource their IT operations.

Once Nobel was acquired by the Spring Education Group, Contegix’s services expanded to include other private school networks within the Spring Group.


The initial engagement with Nobel comprised an entire IT system transition. Contegix took over hosting infrastructure for Nobel’s IT tools, took full responsibility for handling service desk processes for the ~2000 employees, and even hired staff from Nobel to ensure a smooth transition. Contegix was then able to implement best service desk practices, improve service to end users, and reduce Nobel’s overall IT costs.

Contegix’s role grew when Nobel was acquired by Spring Education Group. The other school networks under the Spring umbrella had differing needs and timelines. Contegix was able to assess the different situations and propose a plan for immediate help and an ongoing transition to fully outsourced IT operations. During that process, Contegix was also able to assist in the integration of systems across all organizations in the Spring group. Currently, Contegix is supporting ~10,000 Spring Education Group employees around the globe in some capacity. That includes a doubling of supported end users in a 12-month period without a lapse in service or any significant staff interruption.