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Contegix is an Atlassian Platinum Solution partner with a focus on enterprise digital collaboration. We started out as Atlassian’s first hosting partner in 2003 and have evolved to offer full-stack solutions that help organizations empower their digital workforce.

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Our Atlassian partners work seamlessly with Contegix solutions that deliver enhanced value to our customers. From consulting, to plug-in integrations, to enterprise training and more, Contegix’s range of Atlassian Partners are here to help.


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Advance your Atlassian applications and delight your end users with the tools they need to get the job done. With deep expertise in the full Atlassian toolset, we’ve configured and supported highly complex and customized deployments for hundreds of businesses.

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Deterring Hackers - How Atlassian is Staying Secure Amidst the Rise of Ransomware Attacks

As early as next year, researchers expect 90% of global enterprises to rely on cloud-based infrastructure to support operations. But as the amount of sensitive data stored online grows, so do the threats to compromise it. Ransomware attacks, the practice of encrypting data and threatening to withhold or publish it unless the victim pays a fee, have surged in scale and complexity––this past year being a standout.


The Ultimate Guide to FedRAMP: Why You Need a FedRAMP Cloud

Nearly all of our everyday interactions operate online: commerce, healthcare, connecting with others. To increase efficiency in online operations, more and more industries are collecting and storing data on cloud based software, and the public sector is no different. While almost half of government organizations use cloud services, Gartner predicts significant growth to continue — with an estimated 17% increase in spending this year. 


How To Maintain Agility Amid Budgetary Constraints

Over the past year, businesses from every industry have been forced to make tough financial decisions about IT spending. For most organizations, a significant portion (or perhaps even all) of their 2020 budgets were spent equipping teams with the right devices, tools, platforms and security to perform their jobs from home. While these expenses were necessary to navigate the reality of remote work, many organizations will pull back on spending to level out their budget this year.