Disaster Recovery

Modern businesses cannot afford to lose data. Whatever the cause – natural disaster, human error, or cyber-attack – data loss is costly and extremely risky to the life of a business. The need for a business continuity strategy to ensure uptime, minimize data loss, and maximize productivity in the midst of any compromising situation is a necessary digital assurance policy for any company. The question becomes when will a disaster strike, not if it will.

Avoid the Unexpected

While many companies acknowledge the benefits and necessity of Disaster Recovery, few have the expertise or dedicated resources to make that dream a reality. Since a dedicated DR site can be expensive to maintain and scale, many organizations are looking to outsource the costs. Replacing the costs of a secondary site (hardware, software, power, cooling, maintenance, etc.) with a predictable monthly expense is a very attractive option. DRaaS has become increasingly popular as a way for organizations to reduce the time, resources, and costs of hosting and managing their own DR solution.

Data Protection

Disaster recovery, with its unpredictable bursting nature, is one of the best-suited processes to have in the cloud. Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud is rapidly becoming the preferred model for IT as it enables businesses to optimize their IT environment and gives them limitless choices. With a cloud-based solution, all elements of disaster recovery can be structured based on target costs and SLA. Contegix leverages Zerto and its real-time hypervisor based replication to offer a combination of dedicated private cloud, private shared cloud, and public cloud DRaaS offerings.

Real-Time Block-Level Replication

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) utilizes change-block tracking to constantly replicate data as it is written to storage. Because CDP is always-on, it offers considerably lower Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) than snapshot-based solutions – this means almost no data loss.

One-To-Many Replication

Replicate to one or more cloud sites for redundancy and long-term retention. Multi-tenant capabilities allow you to gain economies of scale by sharing computing resources in a public or private cloud while keeping your data completely isolated and visible only to you, the specific tenant.

DR as OpEx, not CapEx

DRaaS replaces upfront capital investments with flexible monthly billing. Gain higher performance and reliability by leveraging Contegix DRaaS, while maintaining control over production environments.

Automated Reverse Replication and Failback

Having issues with your production site? Contegix DRaaS gives you the option of moving production to the cloud provider. Once your production site issues are rectified, you can then automate failback from the cloud recovery site.

File & Folder Recovery

With journal file-level recovery, files or folders created minutes ago and deleted seconds ago are already recoverable using Journal File Level Restore.

Recover from Ransomware

Got hit by ransomware? Recover your data from seconds before the ransomware encryption started, whether it’s a file server or specific folders.

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