Healthcare Security

Organizations at all levels of the healthcare industry are confronting ever-changing government compliance standards and increasingly-complex security requirements. Our HIPAA-compliant infrastructure and data protection solutions ensure your business can easily address the challenges of healthcare requirements.

Responsive and compliant IT solutions

Many healthcare organizations lack the resources and expertise necessary to handle critical healthcare IT systems. Contegix keeps your agency up to speed with changing technologies in part by supporting the both public and private cloud platforms.

Cloud-Based Interoperability is Revolutionizing Health IT

Contegix ensures interoperable cloud-based systems stay connected and supported and accomplish more than just data sharing. Our healthcare solutions support intergrated cloud-based IT applications such as telehealth and telemedicine software on the PaaS and infrastructure levels. No matter where your data is stored, you will receive the same level of high-quality service and support.

Record Management

Healthcare professionals understand the significance of keeping patient records safe. Contegix designs cloud environments that prioritize the security, availability, and interoperability of medical information.

To properly take on the critical responsibility of health service agencies such as patient record matching and management, it is imperative that such data be maintained in an advanced, highly-available, and HIPAA-compliant environment.

Drupal and HIPAA

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