Introducing TrustStack, a secure and central solution to meet the collaboration needs for siloed work environments.

TrustStack is a DevSecOps collaboration platform that helps government teams manage their technology needs. It is built by users for users, with a focus on security and ease of adoption and management. TrustStack enables more effective management through reduction of bottlenecks that become common when working in siloed teams.

Enabling Secure Collaboration

Using a bespoke approach to agile platforms, programs using TrustStack can:

  • Stand up instances faster
  • Simplify management of their DevOps toolkit
  • Track and forecast user adoption
  • Federal focused billing/invoice management

Our team of experts has unparalleled experience operating these platforms. 

A robust DI2E alternative, TrustStack enables more effective management through reduction of bottlenecks that become common when working in siloed teams. By reducing the time spent on managing licenses with our product, project managers can shift their focus back towards managing projects and away from administrative tasks.

24/7 Support

With options that allow 24/7 support access and disaster recovery, TrustStack is the most comprehensive coverage available on the market to government teams.

Flexible Billing

Itemized invoices support flexible billing regarding managing payments for multiple active licenses by centralizing the total cost to a singular monthly payment. Licenses and Services are visually broken down based on category, individual product names, and costs—which are shown as a finalized singular total.

Scalability and Growth

The incubator environment available through TrustStack allows your project the scalability and growth to be migrated onto platforms with the necessary security required to build it correctly.

Securely Moving Forward

TrustStack currently provides an extensive set of available tools popular in the FedRAMP environment, it can also be expanded to provide solutions for tools that your team might already have in use. Please contact us with any questions regarding tool inclusion.

Teams seeking a Platform One replacement or DI2E replacement should consider TrustStack for their DevSecOps needs.

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